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Product Detail

Magnetic Knife Block



The Forged in Fire Magnetic Knife Block is a reliable kitchen tool for any cook, whether professionals or first-timers. Organize your kitchen while also promoting good hygiene, cleanliness, and knife safety with this easy-to-clean, easy-to-use blade management system.

Product Features:

  • Magnetic Knife Block
  • Natural Wood
  • Space Saver Design
  • Innovative Anti-Slip Feet
  • Hygienic Knife Management

USAGE AND CARE: To care for your Magnetic Knife Block, remove cooking utensils before cleaning. Wash gently with warm water and soap. Do not submerge under water or put in the dishwasher. Let the Magnetic Knife Block air dry or wipe it with a dry cloth. Allow knives to dry completely before placing back on the block.