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Info & Care

Forged in Fire™ Cookware Information and Care

Inspired by the Forged in Fire American craftsman, the Forged in Fire cookware line is made from forged stainless steel coated with a proprietary 5 layer Fire Glide™ never stick coating, and our Comfort Grip handle. You will never have to worry about food sticking or slippery handles again. It will be the last pan you will ever buy and comes with a 50 year warranty.


Remove all packaging and labels. Hand wash cookware with a mild dish soap and dry.


You never need to add oil or butter to prevent foods from sticking with the 5 layer Fire Glide™ never stick coating developed exclusively for Forged in Fire by the Whitford Corporation, USA. Oil or butter may be used if you prefer to enhance the appearance or flavor of your dish.


The never stick coating is metal utensil safe. The coating will last longer if you do not directly stab the surface coating with a sharp point.


Forged in Fire Cookware is safe for all stovetops. Choose a burner size on your gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, glass or induction stovetop that best matches the diameter of the pan. Be mindful when cooking over gas that the flame only touches the bottom of the pan. For induction stovetops, consult your stovetop manual for specific use instructions. Always center the pan on the burner.


Never leave Forged in Fire Cookware or any other cookware empty on a hot burner. Doing so may cause damage to the pan and void the warranty. Never use cookware on high heat or food will burn. The aluminum core of the Forged in Fire Cookware has even heat distribution to prevent hot spots and heats quickly. For most cooking it is recommended to use this pan on low to medium heat settings


Forged in Fire Cookware can be used in an oven up to 500°F. DO NOT use the cookware under the broiler. Using this cookware in the oven will cause the handles and pan to become very hot. Always use oven mitts when removing the cookware from the oven and handling thereafter until the cookware is cool. 


Always let cookware cool before cleaning. The stainless steel exterior and Fire Glide™ never stick coating allow for easy cleanup. Hand washing is recommended with hot soapy water. Never use steel wool or other metal or abrasive sponges or pads. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately. 


Cookware is dishwasher safe, however, hand washing is recommended.

Forged in Fire™ Cutlery Information and Care

Inspired by the Forged in Fire American craftsman, the Forged in Fire cutlery line is made from forged surgical stainless steel, and our Comfort Grip handle. It will be the last knife you will ever buy and comes with a 50 year warranty.

  • Surgical corrosion resistant stainless steel provides the perfect combination of strength and edge retention
  • Bolstered Comfort Grip handle provides better balance, maximum control, and ease of use
  • Triple-rivet handle made of high-impact scratch resistant ABS
  • Mirror polished hammer design accentuates beauty and craftsmanship


Wash in warm soapy water after each use. Carefully wipe dry.

Use Caution

Forged in Fire cutlery products are sharp. Handle with caution, keep out of reach of children. Mishandling or misuse of cutlery may result in injury.