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It is important to use your Forged in Fire honing rod to help maintain the integrity of your blade and to ensure safe, clean, and precise cuts.

*Note: Do not use a honing rod in place of a sharpener, the rod doesn’t sharpen your blades, but rather pushes the edges of the knives back to center and straightens them out. It does this without shaving off any of the knife’s material.

A honing rod helps to ensure that your knife is straight and can make the most efficient cuts possible. How to use your honing rod:

Step 1: Hold the rod vertically with the tip planted firmly on your work surface and hold the knife against the rod at roughly a 15-degree angle pointed up and away from you.

Step 2: Using very light pressure, slide the blade down the length of the rod in a sweeping motion as if you were trying to cut a strip off of the rod. Pull the knife in towards your body keeping the middle of the blade in constant contact with the rod.

Step 3: Complete the process by pulling the knife in towards your body and finishing with the tip of your blade passing the tip of the rod.

Repeat this process four to five times per side to properly align your blade.

Hone your blade once after every two to four uses to ensure proper alignment – doing so can even mean you’ll need to sharpen it less often!

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