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When you think of what you want in a knife, some things that you may consider are the weight and feel of the blade in your hand. The type of knife and blade length for what task you’re trying to perform, durability – you’ll want a knife that will last and even in some cases aesthetics. However, perhaps the most important thing that you should consider before picking up or buying a knife is sharpness.

Trying to slice and dice with a dull knife is more than just frustrating, it can also be extremely dangerous. Dull knives require you to apply more force while cutting which can easily result in slips. A knife that isn’t sharp can also become stuck in the food that you are trying to cut which can lead to a very dangerous situation. You can go from preparing a salad or trimming your turkey to the hospital in the blink of an eye if you’re hacking away with a dull blade. Maintaining the sharpness of the blade will grant you more control when cutting and can prevent horrific accidents that could cause lifelong damage.

Aside from the previously mentioned safety aspects, a sharp knife can also make your life easier as well. Sharp knives allow you to slice food thinner, more quickly process herbs and other ingredients and carve up meats right off the bone. You need the right tool for any job, it’s no different when working in the kitchen, you just can’t prepare certain foods or create the dishes you want without the right tools. In this case it means having an extremely sharp knife.

We’ve engineered all of our knives to be extremely sharp. We build them by marrying modern technology with the traditional, age old, tried and true techniques of traditional blacksmiths. While all our blades are razor sharp and born of the forge with a heart of fire and steel, there are ways to ensure that your Forged in Fire™ knife stays sharp and able to take on any kitchen task.   

Using a stone such as a whetstone or a knife sharpener is a great way to ensure that your knife stays in tip top shape with a sleek, super sharp cutting edge. Another great way to keep your blade in cutting shape is to use a honing rod. A honing rod will help to eliminate nicks and other imperfections that may affect your blade over time through normal use.

If you want to learn the proper, safe techniques for using these items to sharpen and maintain your knives, check out our other blog posts.

A sharp knife should be a mainstay in every kitchen, everywhere. Whether you’re a world-renowned chef, a weekend cook who loves entertaining, or a first timer/novice cook, you need a good sharp knife. If you don’t have a sharp knife in your kitchen, you may as well not have a knife at all! Check out our full line of knifes and other accessories on our site.


Janet on

OMG I got the knives and love them. Balance and fits perfectly in my hands.

david richardson on

luv the show

Ben J Kleinsasser on

I just got this set of two chef knife set, could you send me instructions how to sharpen, I have diamond sharpener them. Thank You!

george skinner on

when ya gonna offer a clever. the clever is a very good tool and has alot of applications

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