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With such a wide array of blades in various shapes and sizes available, how do you know what knife is best for your specific task? We will guide you through selecting the proper tools to get the job done.

Our chef and pairing knife set is perfect for prep! The chef’s knife will take care of fruits, vegetables and large cuts of meat. The pairing knife is great for the smaller, more intricate jobs like trimming the fat off a steak or processing vanilla beans.

The Forged in Fire carving knife will make quick work of a roast, turkey, ham or any other meat. Using the set makes carving a breeze, using the included fork to hold the meat, set to work with the carving knife using clean downward cuts.

Finally, the steak knife. Steak knives are great for more than just what their name implies. Although technically able to be used for food prep, these knives are meant to be used for dining. Potatoes, asparagus, chicken, pork, bread… the list goes on, this is your all-around dinner knife.

Selecting the correct knife is an important job that must be considered not only for performance (a pairing knife will never compare to a carving knife when it comes down to plating up the Thanksgiving turkey), but also safety. The super sharp and large carving knife isn’t safe or practical for your dinner guests to sit down and try to eat with.

Follow this guide and you’ll never be in doubt about which Forged in Fire knife to use ever again!

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